Im seeing some feedback that would make it sound like these arent as versatile as I once thought. Love the Yoder, but also like the look of the Maverick. Required fields are marked *. Yoder grills provide superior performance. Considering all the pluses and minuses, we highly recommend the P&S pellet grills as the budget-conscious pick. . This kitchen appliance is built to last for a very long time and functionality is important to the owner of the brand hence this is made with high-quality material that is resistant to wear and usage. Post your hints, tips, tricks & techniques, success, failures, but stay on topic and watch for that hijacking. Whether you feel like grilling briskets, pork butts, turkeys, or chicken, the 1070 sq. The best of the best IMO. We recommend products based on quality and price, not on fees. Whereas you may be able to sear better on the Yoder, youre much more likely to battle paint failure on the Yoder. Their grills have been increasingly popular over time. If you drive to the MAK place in Dallas, tell Bob i said high. Besides, solid construction and ease of use also play a vital part to please the customers. To clear all the points more deeply, well compare several individual products from these two manufacturers. We reviewed their Loaded Wichita which is a 20 offset smoker with their most popular options such as a cooking door counterweight and heat management plate. Pitts and spitts grill is designed to take care of your smoking, braising, and grilling needs. Personally, I do not think you will beat a MAK as a smoker AND everyday grill. It can even read the pellet burn rates quite efficiently. Therefore, it results in using less fuel while grilling your meal. They are also working to provide the users with something special in the grills. Pitts and Spitts grills can reach temperatures of over 600 degrees, and the pellet grates are very simple to clean. But ultimately I felt the MAK suited my needs best. Both these two products come with almost the same features and functions. Pitts & Spitts also has WiFi kit for their pellet grills as well. Pitts and spitts grills can get as hot as over 600 degrees and the pellet grates happen to be easy to clean as well. Introduce big, bold flavor to your BBQ and grilling creations thanks to the Meatheads Amazing line of pork, red meat, and poultry rubs as well as a KC-style BBQ sauce. One significant difference between the two pellet grills is the temperature range. So, we can simply say that Pitts and Spitts grills provide more cooking surfaces than Yoder grills. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. As they are designed to withstand a lot of use, you can smoke a huge amount of meat repetitively. Plus, they can sustain rough and repetitive use. If direct grill is paramount, look at the Fast Eddy line. 327 74K views 5 years ago I received some questions about why I chose the Pitts and Spitts New Pellet Grill vs the Yoder YS 640. I purchased the Pitts and Spitts 1250 without seeing it. Experience the countless benefits from monthly giveaways, to free products, to exclusive content, and more by signing up for a 30-day free trial below! Therefore, they will let you smoke longer. Yoder grill is designed for heavy use makes it an ideal option for you if you are going to be smoking lots of meat and cooking too. There are numerous things I prefer about the Pitts lineup, but personally I would still choose a Yoder IF grilling were a huge priority (which it is) to me. I also was looking at Pitts and Spitts but the inability to actually see one in person really affected my decision. It has the option to be fueled from a couple different sources, wood, charcoal or both, and can reach temperatures at almost a 200 degree difference. Moreover, theres a grease drain with a ball valve which offers precise airflow. So, you can purchase any grill from any of these two brands according to your needs. The best thing was the place I got it talking to the dealer. If we highlight the most notable features of this power-packed pellet grill, we find the following key points. Click here to read our detailed review and the raves from people who own them. No votes so far! Actually, the heavy-duty construction of the cook box is the reason behind it. Following the companys motto of making the best looking, best cooking smokers and grills, Maverick 1250 is a wonderful addition to their lineup. Traeger Pro 780 vs Ironwood 650 | Want To know Which Grill Is For You? We have a rigorous product testing regimen. The whole body of this grill is built with quality material, and its built to last as well. If theres a Black Friday sale I may just pull the trigger. As a BBQ pit, which one will you choose from Pitts and Spitts vs Yoder? Due to the quality and accessories that come with this grill, you must have a clear manual on how to operate it and tips that can help make better use of it as well. At the time, some of the other models were a bit out of my price range so I went with the REC TEC and am very pleased. Keeping these minor issues aside, this is actually a terrific grill for pellet grill lovers. If you havent made up your mind yet, make some time to go through this article below. We have proper and perfectly logical solution for your Kitchen. Copyright 2023 Loving Food | Powered by Foodies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Pitts and Spitts grills are made in Texas, USA. SMF is reader-supported. The PBC has a rabid cult following for good reason. Never heard anything bad about either. Has anyone here evaluated the Yoder YS640 vs Pitts and Spitts Maverick 1250 and decided to go with the Yoder? What drew our attention the most regarding this reputed brand is their versatile product lineups. Overall, this one is a reputed and reliable company to get the best Smoker as well as grills. Shipping Is Not Available For This Product. But P&S have always looked goodI don't think you can go wrong with either. I can't speak to the MAK other than I have only read positive feedback in all the forums and FB about them. PITTS & SPITTS HAS BEEN A LEGEND IN THE BBQ BUSINESS FOR NEARLY 40 YEARS. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Choosing a particular type of Yoder Smokers grill isnt difficult because theyre all made of high-quality materials and have stood the test of time. But the most distinctive feature of this pellet grill is the opportunity to direct over the flame grilling. Their charcoal and pellet grills happen to be a great option for both home use and commercial use so, have classified some of their features for you below. This grill has emerged as the best years and years after it was made, although its a bit pricey, it is quite efficient. Both the products on this list are backed by a 10-years warranty by their manufacturers. Description Pitts and spitts grill have also been around for over 30 years which marks its difference from the Yoder grill. In terms of cooking surface, several models offer several dimensions. But another disappointing factor of this amazing pellet pit is the retail price. This company has an extended period of experience in this platform. I don't think I have ever seen a Yoder in person but I would assume they are great as well. However, the USP of Yoder products lies in their exclusive craftsmanship. I've read the reviews already on both. If you are, then this article may help you. Click here to read our detailed review and the raves from people who own them. So if the grate is about 20" deep, the rail is only 10" and you can only slide it about 5-7". For any kind of grilling or all in one type cooker, I wouldnt choose it though. Pitts and Spitts vs. Yoder (pellet) - The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS. I've cooked on the Yoder and was gonna get it but after looking at the P&S I'm torn. Everything is built of high-quality materials, from the grills to the smokers. Based on different cooking temperatures, Yoder grills and smokers can run up to 12 hours. Traeger Ironwood 650 vs Pro 575 | Which One Is Best For Grilling? I would second the Pitts & Spitts recommendation. Wagyu Tomahawk on the Ultimate Smoker Pit. Our talented team of paid moderators will be with you shortly. The Yoder I feel will be much more suited to that. . This idea will be clearer if you look at two products of the same quality and almost equal price from these two companies. Yoder is actually cheaper if you compare stainless steel models. Can't imagine going wrong with either. STANDARD ACCESSORIES PID controller for superior temperature control 35 pound hopper Stainless steel hopper lid The Yoder smokers grills are one of the prominent and most prominent grills in the market. So, lets compare their prime specifications below to pick the winner. He never said anything bad about the Yoder just there were things that the P&S overcame. send us pictures of the first smoke! I like to be looking for my next pellet grill so I know what I want when the current one dies. Pellet Smoker Cook-Off | Yoder vs Weber vs GMG vs Pitts & Spitts 3 Year Pellet Grill Review | Pitts & Spitts Pellet Grill Review I Ate the Best Barbecue in the World | Mad Scientist. To set you up for ultimate success, we also offer high quality wood pellets, grill grates, and a local Texas spice line. Frogmats 3 Pack 16x16 Non Stick BBQ Grill Smoker Mats Traeger & Rec Tec Frogmat. YS1500 vs Pitts and SPitts I was on the phone earlier looking to order a YS1500 and the salesman on the other line mentioned that pitts and spits model is quite good and has PID controller and is fully welded. There are now 3 things that test a marriage. A comparison between these two grills is necessary if you cant make up your mind. Wasnt looking at the Pitts and Spitts, but the option to have direct grilling was a big reason I went with the YS640. Each and every type of grill from this company comes with high-quality construction. Yoder grills are built to withstand a lot of use, making them an excellent choice if you plan on smoking a lot of meat as well as cooking as well. Cookie Notice Gotta respect that. I suggest you think through how you plan to use the pellet smoker: as a smoker, a grill, or both? I had to sell mine when we went full time RV. Pitts & Spitts offers a full family of products including traditional offset smokers, wood pellet grills, charcoal grills, travel grills, combination pits, fire pits and much more. On top of that, theres around 12-inches of headroom to extend the smoking area. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Besides, any sort of combination pits or travel smokers enrich their lineups more. Authorized Distributor For Pitts and Spitts Smokers and Grills. The Pitts and Spitts grills come with a relatively conventional grill design. The main difference between Pitts and Spitts, and the Yoder grill is the control system. I've never had an issue with peeling paint, temp swing issues or anything else I would note. Ive had the 1250 for over 5 years.was in the market for a charcoal grill and landed on the Flat Top Grill after considering all factors. Pit Boss 700FB vs Classic | Which Pellet Smoker Is Right For You? Many merchants pay us a small referral fee when you click our buy now links. However, the Maverick 1250 pellet Grill comes with an extended cooking capacity than the ys480s pellet grill. JavaScript is disabled. Key questions to add in are 1) pellet consumption, 2) do you want to control cook remotely (WiFi) & 3) how much do you want it to grill/sear {and of course a)$$$ & b) size}. Cost & Taste, Best Controller For Traeger To Revitalize Your Old Grill, Best Offset Smoker Under $2000 | Markets Top 7 Picks, Best Hot Plate For smokers That Cuts Cooking Time Not Taste, Kitchen Faucet Reviews | Best Review & Buying Guide 2023, Features their signature 304 stainless steel lid and work surface, Durable cooking barrel made of 7 gauge steel, A round cooking chamber facilitates better heat and airflow, The 35-pound pellet hopper allows a super long cook, A total of 1070 square inches of cooking space, Outstanding heat retention to smoke in colder climates, The variable displacement damper lets the grill sear as well, Direct flame grilling, thanks to the access door to the heat diffuser, Includes high-performance casters for hassle-free mobility. Yoder Smoker is another best and most popular American company that manufactures different smokers and grills. This features a button that enables you to smoke, roast, and grill on any occasion. I have an older Yoder and it is a tank. P&S started with the Smoke Daddy hopper and controller. Some of the links on LF are affiliate links. You wont find many pellet grill/smokers that come close to it. Well also compare the features and functionalities of their products. The Fireboard is industry leading and combined with the 20 lbs hopper makes a smoke pretty effortless. The Yoder has the direct flame option so it can grill pretty well. Masterbuilt vs Bradley Smoker: The Ultimate Smoking Tool For A Better BBQing Experience. Product links. Click here to read more about our review process. The second most crucial component of a pellet smoker is hopper capacity. Whereas the P&S grill can hold up to 35 pounds of wood pellets, the Yoder one can hold 20 pounds. It is top notch. GDPR requires that we be willing to delete any info we have about an EU resident if you request it. funny gymnastics awards,